I've lived a lifetime timid, and I have things to say. I've the tenacity to say them, even if novice nonsense, it is *my* novice nonsense.

I am a writer, and artist, and human. Even a whisper is a start. it all begins in spirited thought. Then, now, forevermore. ~ TLB


A Child's Eyes


See the world from behind a child's eyes.

Know all its wonders from within a child's mind.

Adulthood brings enunciated division from these states of being.

So we go through life seeing, but not seeing.

Feeling, but not feeling.

Being, but not being.

We downshift from pure joy and wonder to autopilot in neutral.

Self love becomes just a temp, while self-sabotage gets tenure.

When was it that we let it all go.. and embodied only a fraction of our whole?

Where did we hide it?

How did we justify it?

How can we find it?

Claim it?

Reapply it?

Ingrain it?

Sustain it?

How do we honor it forevermore?

It's our inner child that we cry out for.

So let's unlock that door and get out on that dance floor.

Hey DJ! Let's take it back to how we were before.

How about some of that Zeppelin, “Battle of Evermore” ?


© Tracy L Buchanan 06/19/2021

Tracy Buchanan
Pennsylvania, USA


spiritedlore at gmail dot com