I've lived a lifetime timid, and I have things to say. I've the tenacity to say them, even if novice nonsense, it is *my* novice nonsense.

I am a writer, and artist, and human. Even a whisper is a start. it all begins in spirited thought. Then, now, forevermore. ~ TLB

Defying the Void



You can’t write anything.

You will fail.

Prevailing thoughts sing to me

A Liar’s Lullabye

Stagnant and stale


Struggling and stumbling

In the Darkness that has no voice in the face of the Light

Lodged between hope and despair in a broken world

Asking what I’m here for…

Why must this be my fight?


I’m weary to trust people, it’s true.

The masses ignore the loners who get sucked in by the herd

Cynicism versus optimism

Headline after headline

We one-up the absurd.


It’s wall to wall nonsensical division

and I want no more of this

I reject the party line with vigor

I say we’re crazy to be human

And part of me can’t wait to cease to exist


But here I am, stubborn with a grin

I just arrived with new eyes, I can’t clock out yet

Like a good book I can’t put down

I’ve got to know how this story ends

So no more living small with my safety net. Bet.


I’ve listened to the wisdom of rock bottom

that says we can’t control forces older than the ocean.

We’re not here for ourselves.

We are reliant on nothing and no one

but the gravity of the sun


The stories we live have been told innumerous times

Triumphs and tragedies and recycled hero’s journies

Peppered with sarcasm meant to protect us from our fears

I’m not angry, I just tire of this status quo

Don’t let it turn you, for you are seen and just as worthy


I will utilize and alchemize

And choose my service to its full effect

I’m closing the door on yesterday

Apathy is fearful sarcasm

We’re just being human, it doesn’t make us inept



End the silence of the noise

Tell me what hurt you

Balance the imbalanced

Throw your screams to the void

Reach out and talk to me, I’ll listen to you.


© Tracy L. Buchanan 04/04/2022

Tracy Buchanan
Pennsylvania, USA


spiritedlore at gmail dot com