I've lived a lifetime timid, and I have things to say. I've the tenacity to say them, even if novice nonsense, it is *my* novice nonsense.

I am a writer, and artist, and human. Even a whisper is a start. it all begins in spirited thought. Then, now, forevermore. ~ TLB


Mother Nature's Panic Attack


Once upon a time there was a nervous Troll who lived up in the clouds.

He was jumpy and on edge, feeling fear abounds.

He would grow increasingly terrified of everything in his sight.

His own heartbeat and breath.. of nothing, of everything, he was so uptight.

He'd run to and fro, and back and forth.

He couldn't even breathe, and it made his fears grow more reinforced.

He was certain that if he stopped to just breathe and be, then he would surely die.

But he didn't know why.

The sound his feet made as he stomped all about echoed across the sky.

It sounded like Thunder. In fact it WAS Thunder.


All the ruckus startled a Sprite awake.

Immediately she knew his somatic state.

She was the Watcher over the clouds and all that dwell within.

Her heart went out to him.

“No being should have to feel such fear,” she thought.

She flew into the clouds and the skies turned gray equal to his intense fraught.

Her glow grew so brightly, she danced all about with arms and legs outstretched.

She painted the sky with her compassion, over and over like a Celestial Etch-a-Sketch.

It looked like Lightning. In fact it WAS Lightning.


Down below the clouds... a Nephelai was collecting water from the Earth's rivers in all their glorious wonder.

She looked up in awe of the beauty within the lightning and the thunder.

It was so loud and bright and fierce and unrelenting in their somatic melody.

She could feel the Troll's Fears.

She could feel the Sprite's Artistic Empathy.

Her heart went out to them.

Her gift to help them, was the water that she had collected below.

She carried all she collected, and poured it into each cloud until they overflowed.

Her heart ablaze with love.. the water became her empathetic tears.

The clouds, returning the water back to Earth, as it had been for hundreds of years.

It felt like Rain. In fact it WAS Rain.


The Nephelai's tears summoned the Sun's paternal nature.

He understood his creatures needed him and he knew no love greater.

He stretched out his body into a ball of Light and scorched the sky.

He was filled with a Love none could ever quantify.

As he warmed and dried the sky, the clouds, and Earth below with his Pride and Joy,

He watched as the Earth's creatures began to come out and rejoice.

Beaming with love.. a rainbow appeared.

All began to calm, all slowly grew reassured.

It felt like Sunshine. In fact it WAS Sunshine.


The Troll could finally breathe again, to let his body rest, knowing that he had been heard and his fears were eased.

Thunder could shut his eyes and was ready for peaceful dreams.

The Sprite could finally rest again, to let her body breathe, knowing the Troll was at peace, and had so much support.

Lightning could now look for others in need of her Celestial Art.

The Nephelai could finally go back to her favorite task, knowing the Troll's Fears were eased, the Sprite's Empathy was heard.

Rain could finally just be... and let her mind and body be in Joy and Gratitude, that all was reassured.


The Sun watched over his beloved beings until their emotions turned to ease.

He could finally set, and give his beautiful mate, the Moon her dominion of the night and of dreams.

The Moon gazed at her beloved Sun and the Earth they oversee.

Together they provide the balance to the days and nights and all that would ever be.

And that is the story of the love affair between them.

There's nothing to fear, they're always there whatever may come.

The Thunder, the Lightning, The Rain?

It's all just a part of the soundtrack in Mother Nature's Panic Attack.

And thus their dance ends to begin again another day.


© Tracy L. Buchanan 05/23/2021

Tracy Buchanan
Pennsylvania, USA


spiritedlore at gmail dot com